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Governor Profiles

1. Barney Barron
Parent Governor

I moved to Looe with my wife and youngest son in May 2018.  Our youngest son is currently attending Looe Community Academy.  We have three other children, two sons at university and our daughter lives and works in Chichester. My wife and I are both ministers in the Baptist Union of Great Britain but do not run an established church. 

We work as community ministers serving and working with the local community.  I believe schools have an integral role in the prosperity and wellbeing of any community.  
Previously I have worked as a school counsellor, designated safeguarding lead and school chaplain.  I have also been governor at two secondary schools in Hampshire.  Until moving to Looe I was the executive lead of ‘Communitas’ a youth and community charity. We ran commissioned youth services for Hampshire County Council and delivered a range of services in local schools.
My passion is that school is a safe place that shapes and forms students above and beyond the academic curriculum.  Academic achievement is of course important but needs to coincide with the development of our young people in becoming resilient, well-rounded individuals.  

Community and Safeguarding


2. Edward Gilbert
Staff Governor




3. Jordan Goodison-Powell
Co-Opted Governor


  SEND and Disadvantaged
PE and Technology


4. Kathy Iles
Co-opted Governor


I am a retired primary headteacher fortunate enough have the time and flexibility to the support the school. I am committed to supporting the headteacher and staff of the Academy so that the students get the best educational and life experiences possible. In my spare time I garden, sing, sew and arrange flowers. Chair
H&S and Premises
5. Scott Yalden
Ex officio
I started teaching in 1998 and have always taught in inner city secondary schools. During the past 20 years, I have worked in a variety of roles including second in department and curriculum leader for science, executive lead of science and then later mathematics as well as assistant principal. My proudest achievement is to be appointed Headteacher of Looe Community Academy where I have been working since April 2018 formally as the Deputy Headteacher. My leadership experience has spanned 18 years and four schools with a wide variety of responsibilities. Although I originally learnt my trade as a science teacher, my degree was both in Microbiology and Statistics, and so more recently I have specialised in teaching mathematics as well given the shortages in this area which I have taught to A-level. I have worked with primary schools in delivering sessions bespoke to their student needs across KS1 and 2. I have also undertaken school to school support at secondary level in my role as a specialist leader of education which is a nationally recognised role.    
6. Penny Prisk
Co-opted Governor


Vice Chair    



7. Keith Simmons
Co-opted Governor


  HR, Learning & Finance
9. Eunice O’Connell
Staff Governor





November 2019 Mock Exams

Date Subject Year Group Location Time
Wednesday 6 November Art One year and Year 11 Art 9.00am – 3.00pm
Friday 8 November Textiles practical One year Textiles 9.00am – 3.00pm
Monday 11 November Maths Year 11 Main Hall 9.05am
  Geography Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am
  Computer Science Year 11 Main hall 11.25am
  Food and Nutrition practical Year 10/11 Food 8.40am and 12.10pm
Tuesday 12 November Maths Year 10 Main Hall 9.05am
  EPR Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am
Wednesday 13 November Science Year 10 Main Hall 9.05am
  Maths Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am
Thursday 14 November French Year 11 Main Hall 9.05am
  Spanish Year 11 Main Hall 9.05am
Friday 15 November Engineering One year Main Hall 9.05am
  History One year Main Hall 9.05am
  PE One year Main Hall 9.05am
  Music One year Main Hall 9.05am
  Computer Science One year Main Hall 11.25am
  Food and Nutrition One year Main Hall 11.25am
  Geography One year Main Hall 11.25am
Monday 18 November Maths Year 10 Main Hall 9.05am
  History Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am
  Design and Technology Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am
  Food and nutrition Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am
Tuesday 19 November Maths Year 10 Main Hall 9.05am
  Maths Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am
Wednesday 20 November English Year 11 Main Hall 9.05am
  Maths Year 8 Main Hall 2.10pm
Thursday 21 November English Year 10 Main Hall 9.05am
  French and Spanish Year 11 MFL 9.05am
  Maths Year 8 Main Hall 2.10pm
Tuesday 26 November Food and Nutrition practical Year 11 Food 8.40am and 12.10pm
Wednesday 27 November Science Year 11 Main Hall 11.25am


Requests for absence during term time

Any absence that is not authorised by the school will be recorded as such and may make you liable for prosecution or fine under the Education Act (1996).

Here at Looe Community Academy, we recognise that there are occasions when it is appropriate to authorise an absence, such as when a student is genuinely too ill to attend school, has a medical appointment that cannot be taken outside of school hours  or a request for leave has been agreed on exceptional circumstances.

However, the Government does not support parents/carers taking students out of school unless the school agrees this is appropriate under ‘exceptional circumstances’.   Any request for leave should be made in writing to the Headteacher, well in advance of the requested date.  

If you decide to still take your child out of school, without permission, you will be committing an offence under the Education Act 1996.  We may refer the matter to Cornwall Council who may decide to take legal action against you.  A penalty notice can be issued under Section 444A and 444B of the Education Act 1996.  This carries a fine per parent, per child of £60 if paid within 21 days or £120 if paid after this but within 28 days.  Failure to pay the penalty notice will result in Court action. Persistent absences not authorised by the school may result in a prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court, leading to fines up to £2,500 and / or custodial sentences.

You are welcome to contact the school to discuss any concerns you may have regarding this.  We are committed to maximising the education of all our students and aim to work with parents/carers to ensure this can be achieved.

SMART address


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