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School Equipment

Evidence clearly shows that students who attend school suitably equipped are more likely to achieve success and less likely to get into conflict with their teachers.

  • You will need the following equipment, all of which should be brought into school each day:
    • two pens (black or blue)
    • two pencils
    • a  ruler
    • an eraser
    • a pencil sharpener
    • a set of coloured pencils (felt tips are unsuitable for some tasks)
    • a dictionary (desirable)
    • a calculator
    • a strong school bag
  • You are responsible for looking after all equipment issued to you by the school.  Much of it is expensive to replace and you will be expected to pay for any items lost or damaged through your carelessness or negligence.
  • Remember to bring your exercise book and textbooks to every lesson.
  • Look after your exercise books.  Do not put graffiti over them or mistreat them so that they become scruffy, which suggests that you lack pride in their contents.
  • Ensure that you treat library books and textbooks with respect.  Look after them and ensure that they are returned by the required date.
  • Ensure that you have this student planner with you at all times.  It will help you to organise and manage your own learning.  Your Form Tutor and other members of staff will wish to see it in every lesson
  • Failure to be properly equipped for lessons may result in a break or lunchtime detention.
  • Ensure that you treat the school buildings, fabric and equipment with respect.
  • Any damage to property should be reported immediately to the member of staff responsible for the class or activity or to the School Office.



At the end of each term, your attendance percentage will be calculated.  Students will gain awards as follows:

  1. FOR 100% ATTENDANCE FOR THE TERM: Students will receive up to 5 house points.
  2. FOR 100% ATTENDANCE FOR THE YEAR: Students will receive a Gold Certificate of Achievement and be entered in to a prize winning draw.
  3. FOR 96% ATTENDANCE FOR THE YEAR: Students will receive a Silver Certificate of Achievement.
  4. FOR 95% ATTENDANCE FOR THE YEAR: Students will receive a Bronze Certificate of Achievement.
  5. At the end of each term, the highest attendee in each tutor group will be entered into a prize draw along with the highest house point holders.



If you feel unwell, or have an accident, you must tell a teacher straight away.  Normally you will be sent to Student Services where a member of staff trained in first aid will take care of you.  If you are too ill to remain at school, or if hospital treatment is necessary, then your parent/carer will be contacted to make suitable arrangements.

Under no circumstances should you leave the school or go home without permission.  Do not telephone your parents to collect you; Student Services will take on this responsibility.


If you need to take medicine at school you should collect a form from Student Services which must be completed by your parent / carer.  Your medicine must be left with Student Services.  The only exception is if you have an inhaler for asthma. Please do not ask for aspirin or other tablets at school; we are not allowed to give you any medicines.


It is best to make medical appointments outside school hours.  If you must leave school during the day for any reason then please bring in a note from your parent/carer in advance of the date.  Have this note countersigned by your tutor prior to presenting yourself to Student Services to sign out.  If you return to school later on the same day then you must sign-in again.

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