We expect all students to wear the Academy uniform.  This encourages a sense of identity and pride in the Academy, and helps us to maintain a good standard of appearance.  The school blazer with badge and tie and the girls’ skirt are only available from www.uniform-direct.com.  This supplier also supplies tailored trousers for boys and girls. The style of trousers and stitched-down pleated skirt must conform to those sold by www.uniform-direct.com for Looe Community Academy and not other schools.  The school has a sample stock of blazers to assist with sizing and can help with ordering on your behalf.

The sports uniform with the Academy logo is available from Sportswear International Limited from 1 August 2014 and orders can be placed online, by phone (01928 752 610) or by post/fax using the order form.  Please go to https://www.swischoolwear.co.uk where you will need to register as a new user and then select the Looe Community Academy page - the ordering guide can be found here.  We have sample sizes of all items (other than socks) for you to try.


Academy Uniform for Girls and Boys

Lower School (Years 7 – 9):

  • Light blue shirt
  • Black school blazer and badge
  • Academy tie
  • Smart black tailored school trousers or stitched down pleated skirt in black only

Upper School (Years 10 - 11):

  • White shirt
  • Black school blazer and badge
  • Academy tie
  • Smart black tailored school trousers or stitched down pleated skirt in black only

For your convenience the Academy holds a small stock of replacement ties for purchase.



Plain black, flat heeled, polishable shoes or ankle length boots with covered heels and toes.  Black socks or flesh coloured/black tights


For clarification

Trousers must not be flared, bootlegged, skinny-fit or of Lycra or denim. Trousers must be straight leg with a centre crease. Skirt length should be a maximum of 10cm (or 4”) above or below the centre of the knee. Trainers, canvas or suede shoes or footwear with logos, fashion styles including large bows, buckles, studs are not acceptable.  Extremes of fashion are not acceptable. Coloured T-shirts or T-shirts with visible logos must not be worn under the school shirt. Shirts should be worn tucked into trousers or skirts.  A simple black belt only may be worn with trousers.

The only jewellery allowed in school is a watch and one simple, small stud or sleeper in each ear lobe.  It is against Academy rules to have other body parts pierced or jewelled.  Jewellery must be removed for every Sport, PE and Dance lesson.   Colour of hair should be within natural range of colour.  Highlights and lowlights should be of natural tones.  Extreme or exaggerated hair colouring or hair styles/cuts eg tramlines, are not acceptable.  To keep hair in place, hair grips or plain bands may be worn.  No fancy hair accessories are allowed.  Discreet make-up may only be worn by students in Years 9, 10 and 11.  Coloured nail varnish is not permitted.


Breaking of the dress-code or hair/make-up/jewellery policy may mean a student being educated in our Internal Exclusion or Behaviour Support area until an acceptable way forward is found.

Academy uniform should be named to identify the owner.  Outdoor coats may be worn to and from school and should ideally be waterproof and not made of leather or denim.  Coats should not have slogans or loud designs.


PE and Dance Kit

Following student consultation, we are pleased to announce our new sports kit for Academic Year 14/15.  This is supplied by Sportswear International Limited and orders can be placed online, by phone (0845 519 0099), by post and by fax.  Please go to www.swischoolwear.co.uk and select the Looe Community Academy page.

Girls - compulsory (via Sportswear International):

• Cuatro fleece top

• Vapour polo shirt

• Coolmax socks

• Choice of shorts - Response, Milan or Cuatro

Boys - compulsory (via Sportswear International):

• Pro Tec rugby shirt

• Vapour polo shirt

• Coolmax socks

• Choice of shorts - Response, Milan or Cuatro

Compulsory for all year groups:

• White socks (indoor sports)

• Sports trainers

• Gum shield

• Shin pads

• Football boots (Health and Safety requirement for outdoor sports)

Optional for all year groups:

• Black leggings (to be worn under shorts)


The PE kit price list can be viewed HERE.


Participation in PE and Dance lessons

Students should always bring their full kit to lessons, regardless of their physical condition or injury and tell their teacher if they are unable to fully take part physically.  They will then take part in the learning through the role of a coach, umpire, organiser or choreographer.

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