The Paget Method...

Dr Roy Paget is a neuroscientist and a leading authority on Brain Based Learning and the educational and academic achievements of children.

"There is so much I want to tell you that will enhance whatever approach or technique you use to train, teach or develop others that I cannot cram into this post. I am running a seminar to explain, tell, show, and above all get you to experience some approaches that will make a significant change in your emotional modelling.  These are based on more than twenty years experience of the study of the brain, grounded in science, and bringing together the very latest thoughts in the area of the emotions from around the world."

Do not miss this seminar, it will open your mind, and help you to focus yourself, your students and clients into achieving more than they ever thought possible. Add value to your current methods and equip all with whom you work with a power and self awareness that will make them, and you, stand out from the rest.



He has devoted his life’s work to raising human potential and personal effectiveness and his unique approach to training and development has assisted companies, teachers and young people from here and abroad to dramatically increase their effectiveness.

For the past 13 years Dr Roy has worked extensively in schools throughout the UK providing training courses for both teachers and pupils, training over 31,000 teachers and raising the grades of over 1,100,000 pupils.

Utilising the principles of Emotional Intelligence and Brain Based Learning he has made a dramatic difference to young people through his extensive range of training and student focused programmes and resources.

Since gaining his Ph.D. in right brain thinking, Roy has become a highly respected author, lecturer, TV and radio personality and consultant. In his clinical work, he has also successfully treated hundreds of people in their personal quest for harmonious and balanced lives. He is also the founder of the British Academy of Advanced Training, a company dedicated to empowering both people and organisations towards achieving greater success and increasing their performance capabilities.


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