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Academy Governance

Looe Community Academy (LCA) is part of the South East Cornwall Multi Academy Regional Trust, which is known as SMART.  The SMART Trust Board are the trustees, directors and governors of SMART and to help exercise their responsibilities at the Academy level they have delegated certain activities to the Local Governing Committee of Looe Community Academy. 


Details of the SMART governance and delegation arrangements can be found HERE.


Looe Community Academy

LCA has 9 Local Governors:

Sheila Brock - Local Governor
Amanda Collings - Local Governor
Sue Gavin - Staff Local Governor
Ed Gilbert - Staff Local Governor
Kathy Iles - Chair of the Local Governing Committee
Marie Long - Local Governor
Penny Prisk - Vice Chair of the Local Governing Committee
Keith Simmons - Local Governor
Scott Yalden – Acting Headteacher

The Local Governing Committee is supported by:

(Currently vacant, but covered by Steve Green) - Clerk to the Governors


The Local Governing Committee can be contacted at:

Chair of the Local Governing Committee

Looe Community Academy


East Looe

PL13 1NQ


Looe Community Academy Trust

Looe Community Academy Trust (LCAT), the proprietor of Looe Community Academy prior to the transfer to SMART on 1 Apr 17, transferred all assets to SMART and the company has now been formally dissolved via voluntary strike-off through Companies House.


Below, are the minutes of the Governors meetings.

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Filename Date
explore subfolder image Curriculum and Standards
explore subfolder image Archived
A Microsoft Word file 20160425-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-25Apr16-Final-U 18-05-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20160125-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-25Jan16-Final-U 09-03-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20151116-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-16Nov15-Final-U 26-11-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20150608-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-08June15-Final-U 22-06-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20150215-LCAT-Minutes-Curriculum Committee-v2-U 20-04-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20141110-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-10Nov14-Final-U 25-11-2014
A Microsoft Word file 20170206-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-6 Feb 17-Final-U 22-03-2017
A Microsoft Word file 20170306-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-06Mar17-Final 22-03-2017
A Microsoft Word file 20161114-LCAT-Curriculum Minutes-14Nov16-Final 30-11-2016
explore subfolder image Finance, Audit, Premises and Personnel
explore subfolder image Archived
A Microsoft Word file 20160123-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-23 Jan 16-Final 01-02-2017
A Microsoft Word file 20160516-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-16 May 16-final-U 24-05-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20160321-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-21 Mar 16-final-U 05-05-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20151019-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-19 Oct 15-draft-U 23-11-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20150622-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-22 june 15-final-U 19-10-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20150511-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-11 May 15-final-U 13-05-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20141208-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-08 Dec 14--U 15-12-2014
A Microsoft Word file 20141013-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-13 Oct 14-Final-U 12-11-2014
A Microsoft Word file 20140623-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-23 Jun 14-U 05-07-2014
A Microsoft Word file 20140512-LCAT-Finance and Premises Minutes 12 May 2014_Final 02-06-2014
A Microsoft Word file 20140210-LCAT-Finance and Premises Minutes 10 Feb 2014_Final 17-03-2014
A Microsoft Word file 20131204-LCAT-Finance and Premises Minutes 2 Dec 13_Final-U 09-12-2013
A Microsoft Word file 20131014-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes of 14 Oct 13_Final-U 19-11-2013
A Microsoft Word file 20161017-LCAT-Finance and Premises-Minutes-17 Oct 16-Final 06-12-2016
explore subfolder image Full Governing Body
explore subfolder image Archived
A Microsoft Word file 20160711-LCAT-Minutes-FGB-11 Jul 2016-Final 19-10-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20160314-LCAT-Minutes-FGB-14 Mar 2016-Final-U 05-05-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20151207-LCAT-Minutes-FGB-07 Dec 15-Final-U 27-01-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20150928-LCAT-Minutes2 -FGB-28 Sept 15-Final-U 14-10-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20150706-LCAT-Minutes-FGB-6 Jul 15-Final-U 12-07-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20140317-LCAT-FGBMinutes-17Mar14-U 07-07-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20140929-LCAT-FGB-Minutes-29 Sep 14-Final-U 28-04-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20150316-LCAT-FGB-Minutes-16 Mar 15-Final-U 14-04-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20150112-LCAT-FGB-Minutes-12 Jan 15-Final-U 26-02-2015
A Microsoft Word file 20140707-LCAT-FGB-Minutes-07 Jul 14-U 22-07-2014
A Microsoft Word file 20130923-LCAT-FGB Minutes for 23 Sep 13_Final-U 29-11-2013
A Microsoft Word file 20161207-LCAT-Minutes-FGB-07 Dec 2016-Final 22-03-2017
A Microsoft Word file 20161010-LCAT-Minutes-FGB-10 Oct 2016-Final 01-12-2016
A Microsoft Word file 20161018-LCAT-Minutes-FGB-Extraordinary Meeting-SMART-18 Oct 16-U 01-11-2016
explore subfolder image Governor Interests
An Adobe Acrobat file ARP Summary 2017 Looe 01-10-2017